The majority of individuals assume that marketing is just an issue of formulating a formidable plan of approaching a niche of consumers and then selling products. As a matter of fact, marketing not only involves selecting an attractive price for your product but also forging a distribution channel and a promotional plan. This entails making informed decisions about how to impress customers and ensuring their satisfaction. Marketing tips for photographers isn’t a foreign language either. Being in such a niche, traditional media for marketing is a waste of time and money for photographers; Freelance Retoucher has put together a few tips that go a long way towards ensuring that photographers get the most out of marketing their services and make full use of their time and energy!

Finding your customers and getting the word out

Cold calling

There is usually something about cold calling that seems to send some jitters to business owners. You may have heard some people claiming that calling prospective clients is not necessary and that many alternatives exist such as sending notes or emails. Yes! We at Freelance Retoucher couldn’t agree more that cold calling can be a daunting task; however, the other options aren’t just as effective when it comes to getting your message across and discovering more about your audience. At one point or another, you have to transform your way of thinking if you intend to be successful in capturing the right client. Cold calling increases the odds of securing a meeting with a customer because you will certainly connect with a customer on a personal level. Talking on the phone with a customer allows you to introduce yourself easily and pitch your service.

One important question you need to ask yourself before making that crucial call is: What is the worse that could happen? At most, the customer will only hang up on you, if they feel that the service isn’t a priority. But at least, you will have active feedback and can then try come up with a better approach for the same client. The more NOs you get, the closer you get to the one YES. Preparing yourself enough for the call will ensure that you do not get embarrassed. More importantly, you could use a script while making the call and refer to it every other time you get stuck. This easy trick will drastically reduce the nerves that photographers usually have when making calls to prospective clients.

Silent Auctions

Silent auctions may have a huge effect on the outcome of photographer’s marketing endeavour. Donating your portraits to churches, hospitals, schools or even orphanages have the effect of getting tremendous feedback that will increase business. Established clients may happen to stumble on these artworks and perhaps give you a call themselves. You may never know! Also, think about networking and attending events, they are crucial for your profile!

Knowing your customers and keeping record of your customers

Given that marketing is an ongoing process, building a reliable customer database should be a key concern. Customers are by far the best asset for your small business. Come up with an effective and customised database that divides the customers into different categories such as prospective customers, current customers, past customers that have been dormant for a while etc.

The database will offer solutions for problems such as unresponsive customers. It will help you handle the inactive customers, follow and manage a tracking record of your exchanges and conversations and focus on developing and building up relationships with both active and passive ones. It will give you the chance to revisit the drawing board for continual improvement on your strategies.

Once you have made a number of calls and actually reached out to very many clients the next step is to actively engage the customers by offering them a platform where they can air out their feedback as well as grievances. Bearing in mind that customers are the most prized assets, knowing how they are doing will ensure that they are retained. Their feedback could also increase the scope of the business. Creating an effective referral program from the current customer network will also grow your business further.

To sum up, marketing is the most basic and yet fundamental step in ensuring a successful business. Getting the business of photography right starts from ensuring a formidable and versatile marketing plan. Different marketing tips for photographers have been forged based on different encounters. However, one thing certain about the art of marketing is that it is determined by how you approach your clients. A customer is an asset and therefore, focusing on how to impress them is key.