Whether you are a retoucher or photographer, if you haven’t already thought about it, it makes sense to take the time to ensure you have a presence in as many places as possible that your potential clients may look, especially when there are opportunities to do this at no extra cost. With this in mind we have compiled a list of our top 10 sites that you should consider getting involved with that would increase your presence to improve your online marketing efforts:

1. FoundFolios.com – This is a great resource primarily used by photographers and also has portfolios for illustrators and post-production creatives. It allows the user to upload a portfolio onto the site of a limited size for free and multiple galleries for a fee with a featured artist option available to further boost your presence on the site.

2. Behance.com – Another very popular site where you can post up your latest work with the opportunity for fellow creatives to ‘appreciate’ your work that in turn boosts the visibility of your work on the website. This site too allows you the opportunity to upload a portfolio of your work with a great search engine to hone in on your area of expertise and the ability to add tags to your projects. It also has a mobile app version to display your portfolio on the move.

3. At-edge.com – A photographer and representatives directory with a nice simple search engine that can help potential clients to find your work.

4. Altplick.com – Another great site for all creatives where you can search by genre and location for many major cities around the world.

5. PLSR.net – Another good directory just for photographers with a nice interface and comprehensive filter search engine by country and genre.

6. Meatmarketphoto.com – a site for all creatives. All applications to this site are curated and membership is by invitation only.

7. Productionparadise.com – a directory for all creatives that showcases work to art buyers and producers but also has selective membership so again may not be suitable depend on the stage of your career.

8. Portfoliobox.net – this a great tool for creating a quick portfolio site that is easily customisable to give it your branding. Although the initial account is free, a subscription is required to get all the features.

9. Viewbook.com – can be used as an online portfolio and also uploaded to a mobile device so that your portfolio can be presented on the move without the need for network coverage on a sleek simple interface. This has a free trial period before you are required to pay a monthly subscription.

10. Social media sites – sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Twitter and Instagram are all great places you can showcase your latest work. Websites like ifttt.com also make it much easier to manage all of these sites simultaneously.

Getting your work online is of course just the beginning of the journey in creating your presence online and it remains important to engage with the community and create a buzz around your latest work in order to get noticed. These websites are also great resources to see the latest trends in the industry and find other creatives to engage with and network. This is a non-exhaustive list so please get involved and provide other websites you have found useful and share any experiences you have found with these sites.