Imagine you are at a party and someone asks you “what do you do for a living?” The elevator pitch is a concise statement to quickly and simply define you as a professional. It is important to have this prepared to get the most useful information about you to your target person and have them walk away remembering who you are. They can also be a great conversation opener and having it prepared will give you the confidence to talk about what you do without feeling put on the spot, especially when you have an art buyer from your dream ad agency standing in front of you.

The aim will be to engage your target in conversation and allow you to exchange business cards in less than a minute. The pitch should ideally last between about 20 and 35 seconds. Remember that the target can always ask you more questions but you want to be engaging enough to spark their interest at the outset in a short time frame and ensure you don’t lose their attention.

Here are our points to include in creating your own elevator pitch:

What is you do
This is your introduction where you can identify your area of retouching e.g. advertising or fashion, perhaps the kind of images you work with

Who your service is targeted at
Your opportunity to qualify your target as a potential client (for example photographers and ad agents)

Why you are different
This is your opportunity to give tell them your unique selling point, telling them why they should be interested in using your services. As a retoucher you may want to give them more about the style of imagery that you are producing

A couple examples of what you do
Here you can talk about whom you have worked with in the past, particularly if you have some recognisable names it can add further credibility

Making a pitch natural and easy to follow will make it easy for the listener to take in the information and practicing your pitch will ensure you deliver it seamlessly with confidence. Make sure you have printed business cards so your target can walk away with your information.

Have you got any tips you would add when developing your elevator pitch? It would be great to hear from you, so please comment below.