Are you considering taking the jump to working for yourself as a retoucher? We have compiled a list of the top reasons to start working as a freelance retoucher.

Being paid for your passion

You are directly rewarded for the time and effort that you put into your own business.  There is no better feeling than to create beautiful imagery and be paid for what you love doing.

Freedom for the projects you work on 

As a freelancer you have an opportunity to develop and nurture your own style that your clients can recognise you for.  Depending on the project, you are more likely to find you are given the reigns to take the image in a direction that suites your own style than if you were working for someone else. Also, depending on the level of demand for your services, you can choose the type of imagery that you work with for the best possible portfolio to attract your dream clients.

Be your own boss

The only person that you have to answer to is yourself. Unfortunately, many of us have worked for people in the past that we don’t meet with our own work ethic.

Time flexibility

If you are working from home (rather than on-site), you have the ability to decide the time of the day that you want to work to make your time work in the way that suits you best to achieve a good work-life balance. The proviso here is that it can depend on what time zone your clients work in which can sometimes dictate the hours you work.

Work remotely with anyone

The internet allows you to contact anyone else in the industry across the world, therefore, you have a much bigger pool of clients available than your immediate locality. Projects can be worked on anywhere across the world and then transmitted instantaneously and you can then receive electronic payment giving you so much freedom with who you work with. Sites such as Skype are useful as they allow you to communicate with anyone for free.

Save valuable time and money

You will save yourself that commute of getting on a tightly packed train that you may have to stand for the entire time, and also create time to for other pursuits or spend more time with family and friends. Transport costs are also spiralling in places such as London so going freelance can also help you save considerable money.

These the tops benefits we enjoy about working freelance but if you are currently freelancing and have other things that you love about it then please share them with us and others who may be considering taking the leap below.