Advertising agencies deal with a vast array of campaigns, many of which will require visual print ad campaigns to sell their products or services. The role of the retoucher is therefore essential to ensure that the art direction of the advertising agency is realised. We have made our shortlist of the top ways of finding work as a retoucher with advertising agencies:

Job Advertisements 

Some advertising agencies will post adverts when they have a need for retouching from time to time; either to create the additional capacity to supplement their in-house team of retouchers or because they occasionally outsource for retouching only when it is needed.


We would recommend getting registered with a few recruiters as this can be a good source of work. It also means that you still have potential to find the next project while you are still working on the current project.


Marketing by phone, email and direct marketing can also be utilised to try and start to build relationships with the ad agencies that may be in need of your services. Going personalised and ensuring you are contacting the key decision makers at the ad agency is going to be essential to creating the connection that may lead onto work in the future. A strategy will be needed to ensure that fairly regular contact is maintained for more effective results.

Word of mouth

This can be the most important long term route to finding a steady flow of work since it can sometimes be difficult for an agency to find someone they are happy working with. Therefore, if you come recommended then you are far more likely to be hired for the role.

Working with ad agencies you will need to be prepared to work on-site, particularly when you first start building a relationship with an ad agency as this gives them the opportunity to see how you work and establish a level of trust. Depending on the work and the preference of the client it may then be possible to work on further projects remotely.