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Why Choose Freelance Retoucher?

Take the headache out of searching for the perfect retouching artist with our whopping network of talented individuals throughout the land. All you need to do is supply us a written brief and all the assets for your project and we’ll do the rest.

 Managing a project yourself takes time but with Freelance Retoucher you get more time to do what you do best: Photographers can shoot more, retouch less and benefit from our workflow; agencies can save time and money by using a flexible, expandable workforce.

 Concerned with quality? Join the club! Freelance Retoucher guarantees the quality of all your imagery before we return it to you. We’re proud of our high standards and it’s why our clients come back time and time again.

All the Talent, All in One Place

An ever-expanding network allows us to cherry pick the best freelance retouching talent nationwide. Keeping you flexible, scalable, reactive for your clients and saving you money through experience and efficiency.  

Discover how we can Benefit Your Business…

Tap into our Network

Kiss goodbye to hours of searching for freelance retouchers thanks to our huge network of talent throughout the UK.

Save Time and Money

Combine years of industry experience and knowledge with slicker workflows to work smarter and become far more efficient.

Expand Easily

Centrally Managed projects mean that if you need extra resource at any time, we have plenty of talent on tap.

If it’s Urgent, We’ll Sort it

Need someone super-quick? Our team has lightning-speed reflexes so you can beat the Bank Holidays and love indecisive clients.

A Safe Pair of Hands

Give your work the quality of care it deserves. We don’t just use anybody you know, we only use the best of the best!


Trusted Partnerships

Having someone you can rely on makes life so much easier. Our clients trust us to deliver on time, every time.

Our Work

Retouchers gaze at the world like fascinated kids and we’re the happiest when we’re using our skills to help fellow creatives make it look even more beautiful.

There isn’t much we haven’t retouched over the years and we have a vast range of retouching experience across practically every sector you can think of, so to say we’re unfazed is an understatement.

We’re Ready, How About You?

We love giving agencies the edge against their competitors and helping photographers become busier and more efficient.

Providing the very best retouching service at an affordable price is our mission. With so many amazing reasons to choose Freelance Retoucher, what are you waiting for?

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